Small brown bugs all over the house!!

So as I’ve mentioned we are renting. We happen to be renting a log home, again in Wisconsin. This particular log home is the worst craftsmanship I have seen. The logs on the inside of the home were not mortared together and therefore in the winter we felt freezing cold air blow through, in the spring I watch rain pour in and now in the fall the bugs crawl right on through.

Awhile back we noticed these little brown bugs, we treated them as ants. We thought we had a abundance of fruit flies in our kitchen, and treated those as well. I found a couple in the flour and assumed it was an isolated incident. That was up until this week…..we have hundreds if not thousands of these small brown bugs. It wasn’t until two showed up to work with me today and I further inspected them that I realized we have a huge problem!!

These small brown bugs, are tricky to smash and are in everything! I contacted the exterminator that assisted us in extricating the bats we had in the attic a few weeks ago (ah yes, there is another story, but I’ll save that for another time) and explained to him what we had. He seemed to think by my description that we have grain beetles….from as far as I can tell from the internet these are similar if not the same as weevils?! I’m not a bug expert and am not going to pretend I am. I am an angry mama bear and it’s not pretty.

Anyway, the exterminator advised that we should dispose of any and all open grain items. (Pastas, bread, crackers, snacks, flour, sugar, you get the idea). Then we were to do a deep cleaning and we should be able to fix our problem before we move. I’m skeptical that this will work. So I think I took things one step further.

I went on my lunch break and purchased a plethora of sealing food storage containers. Upon picking up my daughter’s from school I ran out to Home Depot and purchased a bag of Diatomaceous Earth….it’s suppose to be an organic insecticide, from everything I read online. However, upon getting home and further reading the bag I’m no longer quite so sure, but I put it out anyway.

You see, what I haven’t shared with you is the fact that in two weeks we will be leaving our quaint little cabin and moving into our new home. I do NOT want to take along any extra small brown friends. I have never in my life had bugs in my home and I’m taking a bit of personal offense to it. Like I know I haven’t been cleaning as much as if this were our permanent home, but that’s mainly because I spend two full hours a day in the car commuting two and from work a day. It sucks, I get home in time to fix dinner, give baths and clean the kitchen. Being pregnant and not feeling well for the past 17 weeks or so definitely is not helping out my situation at all.

I still haven’t entirely figured out where I am going to get the time and/or energy to complete my final 6 graduate credits that start in like five days?! Again another story.

So anyway, we order a pizza tonight. Eat a quick dinner and I join my husband in the house cleaning expedition. He’s convinced they are just bugs and not in our food. I am simply doing what the expert told me to do. As I remove all the food from the cupboards I find a slew of alive bugs…Up until this point the majority of the bugs found were dead. I run out of ziplock baggies early in the project and ask my husband to go and get more. He says no because again he doesn’t believe they are in the food. The more food items I pull out of the cupboards the greater the number of flying bugs there are in the kitchen. As I continue on my cleaning journey he decides maybe I’m right and runs to town to get more ziplock and some bug spray.

It’s 9:30 pm and I’m just sitting down to write this. All our food has either been thrown out, is in a sealing container or a ziplock and there are bugs flying all over the place. I really hope that things settle down in the next couple of days and we slowly see the number of bugs decrease. I just wish we would have realized earlier in the summer what these bugs really were. I guess you live and learn.

The lesson I learned this summer is that I will never again store any food item in the cupboard that is not in an air tight container. I will over inspect any “bug” that I should come across in my home again and immediate work to eradicate it and all it’s friends.

If any of you know more about these bugs, home remedies to get rid of them or just have any advice in general about them please feel free to share. As I stated I’m not an expert and I could use any and all advice I can get.

Now hopefully I can get some sleep….

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  2. We are from central Wisconsin and just moved into a house and I’m finding the same ones however I don’t think they are from food. Did you ever find out what they were?

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