First Hike of 2017, Green Coulee Park

Well hello! It’s been entirely too long. So as some of you know my family and I live in Wisconsin. This spring (?) we have had some crazy warm weather. Today March 5th it was 60 degrees and my family and I went out on our first hike in what feels like forever.

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We decided on the Green Coulee Park in Onalaska, WI. So it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. First of all you drive through this posh subdivision and park in a small lot right in the middle of this neighborhood. We selected the Pierce Path, anticipating to hook up with the Humfeld Summit Trail going out the the Highest Point. Well, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

The trails started out clearly marked, but somewhere along the way we lost the trail?! Or need up on an area that is not on this map. We ended up on top of a coulee next to our end point. The view was still amazing, but with three littles the path left me with high anxiety. I say path as it didn’t resemble much of a trail, but more something that a herd of deer have carved into the landscape. Then on either side it was basically a steep grade with buckthorn and under brush. My husband had our youngest in the Kelty backpack, I had my three year olds arm and our oldest, well she was being her usual sweet self. Not really, she’s basically 7 going on 15 and knows everything….I don’t remember being as emotion as her at this age, but whatever it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Anyway, there was still a significant amount of snow up on the trail which had been packed down and was rather slick in some parts. While other parts were mud and just as slippery. There was a portion of the trail where a rope had been secured to a tree and was essential to hold onto to proceed up the trail. I’m still not entirely sure how I managed this part with a child literally under my arm. I’m thankful I made it up and down in one piece. I guess my daily workouts are really paying off.

All-in-all the trail was okay. I don’t think we would go there again as I prefer some place a little more off the beaten path where the children can burn off some energy. It was nice to just get outside and out of the house.

We were discussing places to go on hikes today and I pulled out my log book, there are still a fair amount of hikes that I haven’t document. Also, there are a great number of trails we have planned for this year. Now that our youngest is 15 months we have a few more options and don’t need to be quite as careful. I’m sad to not have anymore babies in our home, but thankful to get out and explore more as a family. I guess it’s double edged.

Until I feel the urge to share again.


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