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I purchased a Canon Rebel 13 years ago after my fiancé was killed in a car accident as I needed to distract myself. I have since married and started a family. We are in the process of relocating across the state to the Coulee Region in the La Crosse, WI area. If you are not familiar with the Mississippi River and the American Bald Eagles, they are amazing.

Our family is big into the outdoors and hiking. So much that I recently started this blog. As you can see I have started to document our various experiences. However, I just started the blog this past Friday (4/3) and on the following Sunday my Canon hasn’t died yet, but is on it’s last leg.

We don’t have a lot of expendable cash right now with the move and I could really use your help. I would like to purchase a new camera to capture the amazing sites of this region. Your donation will ensure that I can continue with my dream (blogging) and capture some amazing photos to share with you, my reader.

Thank you for your help and remember any little bit helps.

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