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Let’s make a T-shirt

If you read my post about making Valentine’s Day cards with my daughter I had mentioned that while she personalized them that I worked on other projects……what I really meant to say is I had purchased iron on vinyl and made them customized Valentine’s Day shirts.

This was my first attempt and in hindsight I probably would have choose to make the arrows a bit thicker as it was difficult to work with them being on the “skinny side.

This project did not take me very long and received many compliments from others. Also, the shirts have held up well. My 5 year old wears this shirt on occasion and it has gone through both the washer and dryer and is still interacted over a year later!


Shortly after making these our family began our relocation journey. Again, not having a lot of space in our “cabin” I was forced to leave my circuit in Oshkosh. Therefore, the past year I really have not had the time or pleasure to make other holiday items such as this. However, now that we are all unpacked and settled all bets are off! I will be posting many other fun homemade items in the months ahead!

Homemade Valentine’s Cards

I know that valentine’s aren’t expensive, but my daughter really enjoys doing crafts. Her Pre-K class was having a Valentine’s day party and she wanted to make them something. I suggested making cards and personalizing them for each of her friends. Just a little side note: at age 4 my daughter enjoyed writing words for fun. This was a perfect combination for her to practice her words, make a fun craft and knock out her Valentine’s all at once. Boom! Oh and she like to use stampers, but who doesn’t?!

Anyway, again together we looked at the Cricut store for card ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.37.32 AM

There are a lot of different options, but we settled on the Tyrannosaurus Rex and set to work.


Just cutting out the designs took a couple evenings, but we again set to work after her sister had gone to bed. It was relaxing and fun to just hang out and talk.


While she put the final touches on her cards I worked on other projects. I did have to help with the glue as the front of the card had a small border around the edge that was just too difficult for her to do on her own. This wasn’t too big of a problem as we are a pretty good team.

Let it Go….

As I have mentioned I have a 5 year old girl. As with most 5 year olds she went through the Disney “Frozen” phase. It’s just now winding down and I have heard rumor that there is going to be a Frozen 2 coming out, shoot me now!

Anyway, as a way to spend quality time with her we occasionally pick out a craft that she’s interested in and make it together. Since she was obsessed with Frozen and was at the time a new big sister we thought it would be nice to make a “poster” of sorts for her bedroom.

As I have mentioned before the Cricut image store is amazing. You don’t need to purchase expensive cartridges that you many never use again. You simply search for what you are looking for.

Below is the home screen for the circuit store. As you can see they offer a number of project ideas to get you going and assist you in your journey. As I have also mentioned it’s highly addictive as they have a number of great ideas that are reasonably priced. All you need are the time and materials required. You can choose to purchase images as needed or for a $9.99 monthly subscription gain access to thousands of images. One word of warning would be the monthly subscription will not gain you access to all of the images you may want.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.19.00 AM

So, in doing a search for the particular design we choose it would appear that Cricut has changed their offerings. About a year ago when we completed this project I could purchase individual images for about $1.99 each. Now they have them bundled into a a $14.99 package. I don’t think we would have done this project if this had been the case at the time. Anyway, there are other options I’m sure.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.20.37 AM

My daughter decided on a photo and I found a quote off the internet about sisters. The two of us worked together on this a few nights after her baby sister at the time went to bed. I find doing crafts with number one to be fun, she has a great personality and a fun sense of humor.


Some of the detail on this particular cut were a little difficult for a small child, heck even her 30 year old mom struggled some. However, it was a fun memory. Here is the final project:



I think it turned out pretty good. I have not previously cut out letters. I didn’t take any photos as I had not started blogging at this time, but I utilized contact paper. I stuck it directly to my cutting mat, programmed my machine for what I needed the words to say and cut them. I then stuck the contact paper to the canvas and we spray painted over the top. We allowed the spray paint to fully dry overnight and then slowly peeled the contact paper off to reveal the message.

The image of Elsa and Anna is simply glued together with Elmer’s glue and then glued directly to the canvas. It has been on her wall going on a year and shows no sign of fading or peeling. Not too bad for a few dollars and a couple fun filled hours.

Woodland Creatures via Cricut Explore

So about a year ago my husband and the girl’s purchased me a Cricut Explore for Mother’s Day. Which, happened to be the perfect gift as I had pretty much wanted one my entire life!

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.56.00 AM

I have really had to curb the amount of time I spend on working on decorating and projects with the girl’s as I need to focus on school for another 25 days or so. I say this because I have somewhat of a addictive personality. For instance, if I allowed myself I could find projects to do with this machine for weeks. Seeing that I don’t have that kind of time or money really, I have to limit myself.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my husband nonchalantly mentioned that I have yet to decorate the nursery. Huh, he was right, but I have had a few other projects going seeing that we just moved in. I had already picked up a crib set that had Woodland creatures on it so I had a theme in mind. I set out to do some looking online to see what my options were. I don’t know about you, but I can not justify spending the amount of money retailers want for anything that has the word baby or nursery in the title. I found some really cute things, but decided I would wait. Then I remembered, I have a Cricut and I haven’t used it since moving into the new house!

So I ordered the vinyl birch trees for the wall because I don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to do these on my own right now and honestly for $20 it was a good investment. Then I ran out to Hobby Lobby and got some paper as I knew I did not have enough in stock at home. I knew I could get the animal designs I desired from the Cricut image store, but how to display them?

I did some more research and found that I really liked the ones on canvas. Having previously been an art major I have a lot of items in stock in my craft room, but I also have an intimate relationship with Hobby Lobby, haha! So I picked up a few packages of blank painting canvas.


It was another Friday night, the girl’s had gone to bed for the night, the husband was out in the shed getting stuff ready to duck hunt with his buddy in the early morning and I was waiting for the new paint to dry in the living room, but not exactly tired yet. I pulled out all the supplies and set to work. In a matter of hours I had what I needed.


They actually turned out better than I had anticipated!

The next morning after hanging them I decided that I needed more as there was still something missing from the nursery. So the girl’s and I returned to the store to retrieve more supplies for a fun filled afternoon.



In total I made 8 woodland creatures. Besides the ones photoed I made a buck to match the little doe. I find this both relaxing and therapeutic. I enjoy making things for my children and saving money. I realize the unit itself is an investment, but for the number of things you can do with it, it was well worth it.

I will work to get some more of the project’s I have done with the Cricut up. Prior to owning my machine I had never used one. I had done plenty of reading about them and looking at project’s on Pinterest. Like I said I was a previous art major and would consider myself pretty crafty so this item was right up my alley and fits well in my tool kit ­čśë