4 month hiatus….

Well….hello strangers! Boy have I missed you guys. I hope the feeling is mutual, but I’m not so sure….

So, life has come at me crazy fast the past few months and I just needed to take a break and focus. I’m swinging back around as I have been seriously considering the release of a 2017 calendar and have decided to pull the trigger. I’m not really sure if this first year there will be a “theme” per se…actually I’m pretty sure the only theme is going to be I am the photographer and they will be of nature and barns haha! I’m need to get moving as I would like to have said calendars in hand by November 1. With this being said if any of you have designed and printed a calendar I would be interested in picking your brain.

I operate on Apple products and have a few different platforms that I could utilize to create a calendar. However, I think that I should first find a printer and see what format they would prefer prior to starting. Actually before I do that there is still one rather large detail I need to decide on and that is the actual photo selection.

I have started pulling together some of my favorite photos and working on editing them. There is also the process of locating some of the photos. As it turns out I’m not as organized as I use to be, guess that’s to be expected when you have three small children. In reading a few different articles and blogs it looks like I’m going to be visiting the marketing department at work and seeing if I can find some sort of content editor or marketing employee that would be interested in giving me honest, constructive feedback on what I need to do to ensure this project is a success.

I don’t know why but I have kept this blog a secret from most everyone. My husband is aware of it as are a few close friends that I have shared the link with. I’m not entirely sure if any of them frequent the site as we don’t really talk about it. This year my goal was to get the word out there now that I’ve grown the site some, but the thought terrifies me. I think I’m going to continue working under a pseudo name…..just feels better. I’m not sure if this is something I will ever get over?! Anyway, this fact makes it difficult to approach anyone at work for help. I’ve been here about a year and half now, but no one really knows too much about me and I prefer it that way. I guess if they only help with the calendar they would not necessarily need to know about my secret life as a blogger.

There is also a friend that has graciously offered to assist me in beefing up the site and make it “prettier” and more user friendly. I think it would be safe to start there and continue to build the site. I feel as though I could work on this for years and never really be fully satisfied or ready to announce to the world it’s here. So for now my secret is safe with the three of you that are reading this and for that I thank you. Ha! I bet you never thought you would stumble upon a blogger that wishes you not to share their site….I am truly one of a kind my friend.

I guess this is just more of a random thoughts by Amy, but an update nonetheless. I’m making my way back, I’ve given up on regular posts for the time being because let’s face it I just cannot commit to the project as much as I want to. Be sure to check back later this fall and order a 2017 wall calendar if you so desire.

Signing off….