Getting back into the hang of things….

About two weeks ago my domain came up for renewal. I seriously considered allowing it to lapse and letting the site go, but something inside me decided it against it. So, here I am giving this one more year.

After careful consideration it’s so much more than that. For starters I need to gain the courage to share my site with the few friends I have. For those that already know me, you know I’m an introvert. So to put myself out here like this is a bit overwhelming and somewhat scary. However, I feel that I have put this much time and effort into developing the site to what it is today, it would be a shame to walk away. Plus it would be really cool if I could make this happen (I’m not sure what “this” is, but I’m here to do it).

I’m going to try and commit and do a better job of getting back into a regular routine as to when I add new posts. I mean let’s be honest since I graduated, I haven’t been consistent. Then again I did have a third child…..maybe I’m to hard on myself?!?

So, if you’ve been following and/or reading please drop me a line. I’m open to constructive criticism, and advice. Please keep it clean and keep it positive. I mean let’s face it, there’s way too much negative coming at us during any given day.

Much love,

Simply Amy



So as with most anything I want to do….I tend to mull it over for a bit before making the next step. On my mind presently is to put together a 2017 wall calendar and start selling it around Oct/Nov of 2016. However, before I put in the time and money I wanted to know if there is even a desire for such a product. Like really there are way better photographers than myself out there and consumers already have a plethora of calendar options. If you could please take a quick minute or two to leave me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.