Well, it is with great enthusiasm and excitement I am writing to announce we are all moved and almost settled. The type A personality in my drove me to have the interior of the house unpacked and put away in one week. Apparently, this is unheard of and I am in a league of crazy all of my own. I chalk this up to being without our personal possessions for seven months and the need to be settled so that I can focus time and energy on the last few weeks of school.

Speaking of school, I am 73 days from the end of the semester and more importantly graduation, but who’s counting ;). After being in class for one month I think I have finally found a rhythm and will be successful in the completion of my program. There are still days where is seems unreal that I am going to finish my program and have a master’s degree.

After the completion of my program I can focus my time and energy on decorating our home and adding personal touches. Then in a few short weeks there after my family and I will welcome our third child. We are beyond excited at the addition of a boy to our family and have started making preparations for his arrival.

I miss blogging and sharing my adventures and experiences with you. However, after the past ten months I have endured really what is another 9 weeks? I know you all are waiting for my return with great anticipation.

All my love,