Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival

I’m not going to blog about this trip tonight. I just really wanted to get these photos up. The story will come at a later time…..the suspense is building I know.

UPDATE: So, I completely forgot I was going to finish this post. So before my husband and I were married we made a trip to Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Festival. If you have not made the trip, I would recommend this destination and encouraged you to go at least once. You will not be disappointed. It looks like the 2016 Festival is scheduled for May 7-14 and is free to the public.

The entire town lives for this one week a year. There is Dutch everything. There is a wooden clog store where you can purchase custom clogs or opt for the stock items. The same store carries the blue and white porcelain Delftware. There are several windmills (as pictured below) that are in a sea of colored tulips. The tulip fields are available to walk through and then purchase flowers as you like.

If you are anything like me, you like to make the most of each experience when traveling. While on this particular trip we also stopped at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI. I would hope that there have been additions to the Gardens since our 2008 visit, but at the time we were there my favorite part was the butterfly gardens.

Lastly, while in MI we made the short drive out to Big Red Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. The particular afternoon we made the trek it was over cast and raining, but I find the pictures to be just as rewarding as if it had been a sunny day. The rain also turned out to be beneficial for me, because there weren’t any other people to try to crop out of my photos! haha.

All in all the trip was memorable and one that we have referred to countless times. Whether you’re in your twenties like we were or in your fifties, I would recommend you experience the Tulip Festival in Michigan at a maximum of once in your lifetime.

**I just noticed I did not post any photos from the Gardens. I will work to upland and post my favorites in the near future, as always stay tuned….dun dun dun!

Wildcat Mountain State Park – Freshwater Lamprey

A few weeks back we travel to the Wildcat Mountain State Park in Wisconsin. We stopped at Mt. Pigsah Hemlock Hardwoods State Natural Area on the Kickapoo River. My oldest daughter really wanted to swim, but I had neglected to pack swimsuits or towels. To compromise we decided a walk in the river would work.

It really was a beautiful area and I was getting into taking pictures. Even though it seems extremely dangerous to have my camera in the river without a boat and our extra clumsy daughter standing by my side. I say this in the most loving way, but we can literally be standing still, not touching each other and she will fall over as though I shoved  her to the ground. Needless to say having her hold onto let alone near me in the river made me a bit nervous.

Our walk down river was easy as the current helped us along. It was on our way back something amazing caught my eye. I saw something long and silvery glint in the water, but was unable to make it out. I stood real still and reached down into the water and scooped it up. AHAHAH I barely got it out of the water when I threw it back in, what the heck was it.

By now my antics had drawn the attention of both my children and my husband. I’m not one to get too squeamish over nature so naturally they were curious. I mustered up my courage and found another creature. This time I held tightly to it and removed it from the river. The four of us held and examined the creature, not really knowing what it was we were looking at.

I snapped these shots and proceed to Google the creature on the ride home. It turns out it is a Freshwater Lamprey. I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and I had no idea these fish were in our waters. It was a neat experience, but I’m not sure I would enjoy running into them again. The way they were coming together in the river almost makes me think they were spawning.


Alright, enough is enough. It’s taken me two years to pull the trigger on this project. Now the least I can do is buckle down and put the time in to get this project off the ground like I desire.


It’s been abnormally cold here in Wisconsin for early June. Like 39 degrees (near freezing) when I leave for work at six am. The past couple mornings my drive to work has been simply amazing. There is a heavy fog covering the low lying areas paired with the abundance of wildlife is the perfect combination. I have several pictures on my phone, but I haven’t synced with my computer lately so I will work on doing so and posting some photos in the near future.

This week we noticed our neighbors put up a hummingbird feeder and have been attracting some beautiful birds. Since it’s a little creepy to stand on my porch and take photos of their porch we decided to purchase our own feeder. We filled and hung the feeder last night after dinner and have already had some activity. My hope is to be able to sit out on the porch while the birds eat and snap some photos. Whether or not that will actually happen only time will tell.

Finally, I noticed near one of the cranberry bogs that I drive past daily two pairs of bald eagles have decided to nest on these large piles of sands. The problem is the cranberry farm is huge and I’m almost positive they would frown on me trespassing to take a few photos. I can see the birds from the interstate, but think it’s rather dangerous to pull off with our children in the car. I had my camera in the trunk and was prepared to do just that yesterday morning when I looked up and noticed a state trooper just down the road…..drat. Remember what I had said about the morning fog and the wildlife, yeah this would have been an epic shot. Too bad I’m such a rule follower and continued on my way to work forgoing the photo. I might work up the nerve before the babies fly away and they all move on.

I am continuing to transfer photos from my CD arsenal to digital. This project is more time consuming than I originally anticipated. I’m sure there are people in our area that do this sort of thing for a living, but I am entirely too cheap to pay someone to do this. As you will find if I can find a way to do something myself or for cheaper, I will be doing just that. This may take me a few months, but hey I will save a few dollars haha!

Thank you for taking the time to read my entries and know that I intend to get on more of a schedule. Have a terrific Wednesday!