I’m back!

I apologize, for my hiatus. I really needed to focus on not just completing my college course, but passing it. I am proud to announce that I have passed it. I’m now three credits closer to obtaining my degree! Gah, it’s such a good feeling.

In my “spare” time I have managed to borrow a CD drive and have started to upload my photo CD’s to computer. I only have twelve years worth of cd’s to load….It’s a slow process, but I should have a great number of new photos to posts. I’ve managed to fill my laptop hard drive only once so far. There are also some great hikes we have gone on that I had somehow managed to forget about. It has been therapeutic to relive our adventures and I’m thankful for my love of photography.

It is my hopes this summer to give this blog the attention it deserves. To share some of what I feel are my best shots and maybe get everything in place to start selling them. I’m not entirely sure if there is an interest or a market for what I do, but I’m not going to allow that to stop me now.

Thank you for reading,